Thursday, April 23, 2009

{Soooo Cute!}

I just have to share a few of these shots--how cute are these identical triplets??!!  These girls are precious, and their big sister is too!  She was such a helper--I know her mom is proud of her!!  
I have photographed so many twins and triplets lately, and they are so much FUN!!  I am totally amazed by their moms--special people! :)


I know, I have been soooo bad about not posting all of the beautiful people that I have photographed lately.  It has been crazy around here--but I will try to do better (I know, I've said that before!!).  Someone told me last week that she looks at my blog all the time to see what's new, so I'll try to do better for her!!  (Thanks, A, for getting me in gear w the blog!!)  Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful spring weather!

*just a reminder--please try to call about two weeks ahead of time to book an appt.  Newborns are the exception :)    They have their own agenda, and I work with it the best I can!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

so in love...

This couple is so in love--it's obvious by the way they look at each other!!  Sharing a quick preview for them...